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>> >>> I remember a couple years back some posts about Infone, the Metro One

>>> "teleconcierge" service. I got an email today from Infone telling me >>> their service will be closing up shop on 12/31/05. I used it a few >>> times and was quite pleased with the service. I hate to see it go, >>> but I guess they only managed to attract about 83,000 subs after >>> spending $70 million to promote the service. Not a real money maker. >> I signed up, but I never bothered to use it, I've just never made a >> 411 call either. The rest of their features looked interesting, but >> not all that useful since it wouldn't save much time. >> Sure I could call Infone and have them make a reservation for me, but >> I could just call and do it myself in the same amount of time. > So true. I used them a handful of times from my cell mainly because > it was cheaper than using US Cellular's 411 which costs "only" $1.50. > USCC makes it out like they are doing me a favor by only charging a > buck fifty.

Yeah. If I ever had the need to call 411 I'd have called Infone, but I simply haven't used 411 since I signed up with Infone.

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: The best directory information service I know of is the one the Digest sponsors. And it is the least expensive also:

Directory Assistance just 65 cents for one or two inquiries, charged to your credit card. It is _real time_ from a telco-associated service bureau. The way it works is that at

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you register a few phone numbers you will most always use to get your directory assistance. Then you are assigned an 800 number to use. When you call that 800 number the ANI is captured; the 65 cent charge is placed on your credit card (usually, several accumulated calls, around a month's worth are charged at one time) and you are patched through to an operator at the telco service bureau to get the desired information. 65 cents is a very good rate! Try it for a few calls and see if you like it. There are no deposits required, nor any minimum number of calls required. If you like it, the program your phone system to take all calls dialed to '411' or '555-1212' and translate them into the 800 number you are assigned to use. If you don't like it, then quit using it. The sign-up page is at
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. PAT]

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