Re: How Long Can a Telephone Extension Cord Be?

> I think the limit is about 18,000 feet. Then you might have trouble

>> carrying DSL over it ... > Correct, but that's the approximate limit for the total length from > the switch to the telephone.

Strange, isn't it, that the limit for ISDN (with an extender) is over _25,000_ ft?

In rural areas, for POTS service, 75,000+ ft of wire is not uncommon.

Beyond that, the signal is typically attenuated too much, mainly by > cable resistance, and gets buried in noise.

Circa 18,000 ft is a general practical limit for _DSL_ circuits, only.

*NOT* due to cable "resistance", by the way -- but rather due to the cumulative effect of distributed capacitance, and the 'blurring' of high-frequency signal transitions that occurs as a result thereof.
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Robert Bonomi
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