Re: George the Jack Russell Terrior Dies a Hero Saving Chidren

Jack Russells are known for being stupid and aggressive, frequently

> attacking much larger dogs

Our Sheltie and our Jackie go at it sometimes, but only when they're inside. The Sheltie is about 12 years old and she's going to probably die soon, and the terrier is alpha, as is the Sheltie, so these are turf wars. :) The little one doesn't seem aggressive towards other dogs, nor even towards the Sheltie when they're outside the house.

I'll grant you that our terrier is DEFINITELY brainless, though. :)

Just one data point -- and the little boy is a rescue (we found him at my wife's school) so we're not sure he's 100% Jack.

A likely scenario is that the kids were out for a walk with their > stupid little rat dog which decided to attack the pit bulls, and the > pit bulls fought back.

It's possible, but that's a hard call to make unless you knew that dog.

Notice that the kids were not hurt at all. If the pit bulls had > really been going after them, they would have ignored stupid little > rat dog and gone after the kids when they ran away. With the kids > gone, little rat dog wasn't defending them, he was just acting like > a Jack Russell.

I'll concede that that IS how it sounds, judging from the info that was posted.

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