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> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: A water cooler with a DC motor is

>> interesting; but did you ever see a _refrigerator_ powered by -gas- >> rather than -electricity-? I had one of those in a long since for- >> gotten apartment in Chicago back in the 1960's. No motor of course, no >> compressor, etc, but it was a refrigerator, freezer, etc, and I think >> (cannot remember for sure) it was manufactured by 'Frigidaire >> Company'. Totally silent of course. I have no idea how it worked; if >> I ever knew, I have since forgotten. PAT] > I encountered a gas refrigerator on a trip out West back in 1966 or > so. The place we stayed had only recently got AC power so the gas > refrigerator made sense. It seemed to be cold and freeze water just > like any other refrigerator. Being 9 or 10 years old at the time I > was fascinated that a device could be built that could make cold using > only a flame. My dad had seen such things before and was not surprised, > he told me there were even kerosene refrigerators at one time. > Anyway Google "absorption cycle" if you want to know the history and > how it works. Here's one example: >
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> Sorry, can't think of any way to tie this back to telecom. Never > heard of a gas phone. > Dave Grebe > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: But I have heard that when a gas leak > is suspected, one should _never_ use a telephone in the vicinity as > there is a remote chance of a spark hitting the gas and causing an > explosion. PAT]

You can still purchase brand new gas or kerosene powered refrigerators. Here is a link to one company that showed up in a quick search.

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I have no connections with the company nor have I purchased anything from them.

You can still find units for recreational purposes as well as for fixed installations like fishing cabins or homes in remote locations.

My fathers camper had a refrigerator that worked on 120v, 12v, or gas. I seem to remember it would switch and use 120, 12v, or gas in that order once he turned it on. The automatic switch-over feature was nice for times when we were at a remote site and someone left a light on when we went fishing. We would come back and find the battery dead but the refrigerator still keeping things cold using the gas mode.

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