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Speaking of the ZEnith numbers, I remember up until the early 1980's in CA, to reach CHP you dialed the operator and asked to be connected to ZEnith-1200.

The remainder of this issue of the Digest are some articles from our > archives, dealing with telephone exchange names. Most articles are > twenty years old, dating from 1986. An article by Mark Cuccia dates > back to 1996. I hope you will enjoy re-reading them and needless > to say _do not_ use any of these old email addresses given. > PAT > How about the non-exchange, non-dialable, ZEnith X-XXXX numbers?. > These were pre 800 800 numbers. "Call you local operator and ask for > ZEnithX-XXXX, no cost to calling party". > Huh? There is no "Z" on the dial. > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: (in 2006) ... Zenith and Enterprise > numbers only had four digits, _never_ five; they were never > dialable and today have been largely replaced by 800, 888, 877 and > 866 numbers which _are_ dialable. Pat]
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