Re: Ethics of Deterrence

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: I wonder if anyone besides me has

> noticed how this whole thing has deteriorated from evil nasty spammers > as the _true_ villians to evil nasty netizens trying to harm a good > and pure web site;

Since that's not what anyone has proposed, no, I don't think anyone else has noticed that. You know that I have no love for spammers, but I have even less love for stupid gimmicks that play into spammers' hands.

Why did ICANN (and its cheering squad on the net) fight so > vigorously against the federal government's CAN-SPAM proposed > legislation;

ICANN never said anything about CAN-SPAM one way or the other. You must be thinking of someone else. CAUCE, on whose board I sit, opposed CAN-SPAM because we thought it would encourage more spam, not less. So far, we seem to have been correct.



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