Re: An Unsettling Surprise: Victimized by ID Theft

Actually, us lay people can do NOTHING about 'opportunity'. I have no

> idea what big data warehouses handle my information, let alone dictate > to them to maintain proper controls and security.

Quoted in full for emphasis.

I was almost the victim of ID theft in 1998, but that was my own fault, as I somehow misplaced my Ohio driver's license and in 1998, they hadn't yet enacted the law that makes a SSN optional on your license. (In my opinion, it shouldn't ever be on there, but that's just my opinion. I now live in a state that has enough clue to omit the SSN from the DL.)

What Lisa says is extremely important. My situation happened out of sheer stupidity and absent-mindedness, and I could have prevented it very easily. Situations like the one with Cardsystems can't be prevented by the consumer.

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