Re: DA Wants to Restrict Pre-Paid Cell Phones

The Montgomery County, PA (suburb of Philadelphia) district attorney

> wants to restrict pre-paid cell phones. > I find this idea very troubling, kind of Big Brother. Does anyone > agree with the DA? > "To get a prepaid phone, all you have to do is plunk down your cash > and walk out of the store -- no paperwork necessary. Castor says > that's a problem for his detectives because they can't track down the > owner of the phone." > For full story please see: >
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> [public replies please] > [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Actually, the way the DA would search > for such a person would be the same way he located anyone else; he > would subpoena the sales records. He would ask the seller of the > phone to produce the record of whom the phone was sold to, the > 'mystery caller' as it were. Ditto for any 'non-stationary' phone. > Now, granted, the buyer may have plunked down cash and given a > false ID for the purchase, but I am sure many buyers also used > credit cards or a check. The DA also might try dialing the number > under some pretense and seeing what he can find out that way. PAT]

Untraceable phones should be outlawed. These are what the bombers use for placing calls and for detonation.

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Rick Merrill
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