Re: DA Wants to Restrict Pre-Paid Cell Phones

"To get a prepaid phone, all you have to do is plunk down your cash

> and walk out of the store -- no paperwork necessary. Castor says > that's a problem for his detectives because they can't track down the > owner of the phone."

Yea, that's a bitch. Cars are also a problem, why with a car someone can commit a crime and be miles away in very little time. I think they should ban everything that can possibly be used in any criminal activity!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: One notable difference however is that while cars _are_ frequently used to commit crimes, the car has to be in close proximity to the crime scene, and theoretically at least, the car is easily traceable from its license plate or VIN; or God Forbid that the criminal presented a driver's license (for example, when passing a bad check). That, plus a photo of the car license plate from an overhead camera will frequently nail the criminal, no matter how many miles away he gets in a short time. With the prepaid 'untraceable' cell phone however, one does not need to be anywhere near the scene of the crime. PAT]
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