Re: Connecticut Man Sells Micrsoft Windows Source Code

Associated Press NewsWire wrote:

>> A Connecticut man known on the Internet as "illwill" pleaded guilty in >> Manhattan federal court on Monday to charges relating to the theft of >> the source code to Microsoft Corp.'s Windows operating software, >> considered among the company's crown jewels. > I believe IBM always made the source code available for its mainframe > operating systems. Competitors could and would use it for supplemental > utility programs. They would write links and exits to/from the > operating system for maximum program efficiency.

When IBM did this, they were a hardware company. The OS was just something that made their hardware useful to the customer, it wasn't considered valuable on its own. And if third-party vendors made use of it to make more applications and peripherals available, it meant that IBM would sell even *more* computers. So there was little down side to making the OS available.

But Microsoft is a software company. All they have is their software, and if someone else starts selling it, those are sales that Microsoft has lost.

Barry Margolin, Arlington, MA

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