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> FCC Re-iterates Cell-Phone Jammers Are Illegal > WASHINGTON-People who want to use cell-phone jammers to get rid of > annoying mobile-phone use should think again. It is against the > law. Those found using, selling, manufacturing or distributing > cell-phone jammers could be subject to an $11,000-per-day fine and > seizure of their equipment by the United States Marshals, warned the > Federal Communications Commission.

Of course they say that. And every once in a while they dust off their announcement that broadcasting more than 5 watts on a CB radio is illegal and subjects the operator to fines and seizure of their equipment too. But they don't actually do it. They're stretched thin already trying to figure out where telecommunications is going so they can stay a little ahead of it, and they just don't bother with "crimes" that do not involve substantial amounts of money.

IMHO, the preaching without the enforcement weakens repect for everything they do. If you don't have enough resources to enforce a law, better you don't have the law either. But nobody in Washington can imagine just removing a law, without replacing it with a more complicated one.

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