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On Sat, 04 Jul 2009 22:09:16 -0400, Neal McLain wrote, in part:

... [much snipped] ... > > I don't understand that statement. CATV *is* cable TV. Back when the > industry started, CATV stood for "community antenna television" because > that's all it did: act like a big antenna for broadcast stations. But > after CATV systems started carrying non-broadcast satellite-delivered > programming, the term "cable TV" replaced "CATV". I still use "CATV" > and "cable TV" interchangeably.

Funny, I always thought CATV stood for "Community Access TeleVision." Anyway, that's what our local Community Access stations seem to think.

Footnotes: ... [likewise snipped] ... > > Neal McLain

Straighten me out, please, if I've got that wrong :-) .

And cheers, -- tlvp

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CATV systems literally erected antennas in the best location to receive a signal, then sold the signal to subscribers who lacked line of sight to the transmission tower.

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