Re: Cable TV Broadcast Retransmission Consent Feuds "Ease Up" [Telecom]

>This statement wouldn't apply to CATV situations.

>I don't understand that statement. CATV *is* cable TV. Back when the >industry started, CATV stood for "community antenna television" because >that's all it did: act like a big antenna for broadcast stations. But >after CATV systems started carrying non-broadcast satellite-delivered >programming, the term "cable TV" replaced "CATV". I still use "CATV" >and "cable TV" interchangeably.

If I understand correctly, cable and CATV are regulated differently, that systems that exist to retransmit broadcast stations to locations within the 35 mile radius of the broadcast tower that defines the market but for reasons of geography cannot receive the signal continue to be treated like monopolies and subject to rate setting by tariff.

I don't know how things are regulated in areas outside television markets based on radii around broadcast towers.

Yes, I agree that the technology originated with CATV, supplementing broadcast television, but came to compete with it too.

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Adam H. Kerman
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