Sinclair embarks on "Broadcast TV Liberation" tour [telecom]

Sinclair embarks on 'Broadcast TV Liberation Tour,' hands out $1M in free antennas

By Daniel Frankel, FierceCable, Aug 16, 2016

After a busy summer for Sinclair, during which it was fined by the FCC for bad-faith broadcast-retransmission negotiating just before signing a multi-million dollar retrans deal with top pay-TV operator Comcast, the nation's largest station group has embarked on a campaign to let consumers know they don't need the pay-TV ecosystem to enjoy their local broadcast stations.

Sinclair Broadcast Group, which controls 173 network affiliates in 81 markets, has partnered with NAB-backed TV Freedom and Antennas Direct for what's being billed as the "Broadcast TV Liberation Tour."

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Neal McLain

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This is a "Can't win for losing" story, because those Comcast customers who were getting phone service via cable and decide to go to "Over the air" reception would be forced to switch to cellular and/or copper phone lines - assuming they can get copper or cell service at their home - and that may mean a higher bill instead of a lower one.

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Why would someone be forced to drop their cable Internet and/or voice service, if they choose to drop their expensive cable video programming in favor of over-the-air programming?

Mark Thomas

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