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Some of you know that several months ago I started a blog (actually a

> couple of them) for non-telecom related topics which cross my mind > each day
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Late Friday afternoon someone > unknown to me (but they wouldn't have it any other way) took exception > to one of my recent messages and chose to trash me out pretty > badly. The entire blog had to be rebuilt from scratch and I spent much > of the day Saturday doing that. Of course it will never get back > esthetically just like I had it before. Oh well, I did not have a lot > to do with my time today anyway, as it has been sort of damp and cold > here all day.


It looks like you have three blogs, all of them identical. I read your blog on LiveJournal and was surprised to read about the one on Blogspot. I also came across a third, but I forget where it lives.

Are they really all the same, or am I missing something? :-)

I was never comfortable with blogging, then came across this great quote on a web page, which I stole for mine. :-)

"Moment of theoretical introspection: I don't do blogs. I'm so prone to historical revision that any entry I'd post would be totally torn to shreds within months when I reread it later and wondered just what the heck was I thinking then."

John Mayson Austin, Texas, USA

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: They are not all _exactly_ the same; the main difference is that
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has a lot more features on it which change daily, such as cartoons, other news reports, classical music, _and sponsors_, etc. The essays which appear there also appear on Blogspot and are used on
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, but the latter two do not contain all the other features. PAT]
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