Re: AOL to Give Free Email to Non Profits

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"There will be no requirement, ever, for not-for-profits who deliver

> e-mail to AOL members to pay for e-mail certification and delivery," > Charles Stiles, AOL's Postmaster, said.

Hopefully they're not going to get suckered into the same exemptions the Do Not Call legislation allowed for phone calls. A "not for profit" label, even if IRS approved, is NOT a clean bill of health.

And ... the Do Not Call list famously exempted politicians. (Wonder why????)

MoveOn sent an e-mail to its membership claiming the "very existence > of online civic participation and the free Internet as we know it are > under attack by America Online."

Yawn. MoveOn (and its ilk -- don't mean to specifically point them out) is an advocacy group promoting an agenda.

Oh, and fundraising. There's always fundraising.

I see no reason they should be treated any differetly than "people for baby seal hunting" or, for that matter, Sears or McDonalds -- which are also engaged in fund raising..

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