Re: A Concise and Preliminary Summary of the FCC's Published Open Internet Order [telecom]

by Rob Frieden, Pioneers Chair and Professor of Telecommunications and

> Law, Penn State University > > Soon after learning that the FCC would release [its] Open Internet > Order, I started to read, skim and summarize. Nine or so hours later, > I have generated a summary that should correctly provide the main > points of this 400 page document.

I didn't read his analysis too closely, but he seems to be coming down against the FCC and it seems the guy is biased:

Quote from his Curriculum Vitae: "I am attempting to make sense of the Net Neutrality issue with an eye toward understanding what constitutes reasonable service differentiation and price discrimination by Internet Service Providers and what amounts to an unfair trade practice. I also examine the lawful scope of regulatory authority the FCC currently has and *strongly believe the Commission has no business* extending federal Internet policy to content, applications and software that ride 'over the top' of broadband networks."


"The blog will concentrate on important legal, regulatory, marketplace and cultural issues that warrant closer scrutiny particularly in light of the proliferation of 'research' that supports a particular stakeholder's viewpoint *without having disclosed direct or indirect financial sponsorship*."


"He also provides *consultancy* *services* in a variety of areas ..."

... but without any mention of his direct or indirect financial sponsorship.

(emphasis mine)

Greg Rundlett

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