Net Neutrality 2014: D.C. Circuit Tosses Most of the FCC's "Open Internet" Rules [telecom]

By Paul J. Feldman, CommLawBlog, January 16, 2014

| Court affirms FCC's authority to engage in some Internet | regulation, but FCC faces complex choices on next moves. | | In the war over how, if at all, the Internet will be regulated, a | major battle has been decided. Both sides can claim victory to some | degree, but no knockout punch was landed: the war wages on. | | The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia has struck | down the core "anti-blocking" and "anti-discrimination" elements of | the FCC's Open Internet rules. At the same time, the Court agreed | with a crucial aspect of the FCC's strategy: the Court held that | the FCC does have the authority to regulate Internet traffic | management under Section 706 of the Communications Act. While that | affords the Commission at least a ray of hope going forward, how | the FCC might utilize that authority remains to be seen.


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Does this mean that NetFlix will have to pay a tithe to my ISP?

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