Re: 1993 TV Reportage, About a System Called INTERNET

Hansi wrote:

>> I found this TV reportage from 1993 about a few guys who work with >> computers on a system called INTERNET. >> It is odd to watch when they say, that the INTERNET could have >> theoretically up to 5000 members. >> Very interesting and fun to watch, although it is only from 1993, but >> it seems older, looking at the INTERNET now, and was it has become. >> I hope this is interesting fror the dcom.telecom Group. >> Greetings from Hansi >> Film clip URL:
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>> [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Thank you very much for passing this >> along, Hansi. PAT] > Very interesting piece. My BBS had been up about 6 years by then and > we were tied to a network which then went to FidoNet and into the > internet. My users could not believe that a message could get around > the world and they would have an answer within minutes.

By 1992 I was getting a UUCP feed from a friend. I used Waffle at the time. I also owned the domain but back then it didn't cost anything to obtain a domain name. Now instead of the Church of the Dead Presidents it's the Center for Democracy Project domain.

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