Re: 10 Years After Snowden's First Leak, What Have We Learned? [telecom]

Am 12.06.2023 um 10:32:14 Uhr schrieb The Telecom Digest:

Most people have learned nothing. They don't save their files on their own machines, they use services from Google etc.

Many people use Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, Tiktok.

They don't care if they are spied out.

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Marco Moock
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"We" weren't the ones who needed the lesson. Our government learned that when it hires people whom have a conscience and orders them to break the law, bad things happen.

I think there's a kinder, gentler explanation: most people know that almost everything they do on their computer while at home is a trivial pursuit of entertainment, and not worth protecting. I don't keep my back records in the cloud, nor my tax files, but I keep photos of my family there, and pictures of our garden, and a blog as well.

The key isn't to care about spying: it's to never put things out in public that we might be embarrassed to see on a billboard.


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