Questions About my Internet Monthly Bill

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: This is a letter I recieved in email today from half-geek. PAT]

Hi- I was just wondering, when you get your internet bill, does it list the sites you have been to?

TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: Hello half-geek; nice to have you as a new reader here. Unless you have a 'measured account' type of service, which as far as I know is very rare, your monthly bill will just show the total due. If you specifically ask your ISP, and have a good reason for doing so, the ISP will probably have logs which show the IP numbers, (network addresses) of those sites, but it is sort of hard for 'regular users' to see those logs or understand them. Usually your monthly bill will just either say 'unlimited monthly use X dollars per month' or it may say 'X number of hours used, Y over your allotment, and balance due, etc'. I hope this answers your question. Want to ask more questions? Feel free to join us in conversations here. PAT]

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