"Pizza for Pat" day

Fellow digest readers and friends,

This is my monthly request to help Pat with his expenses. Since you're a reader of the Telecom Digest, you know that Pat has devoted a large part of his life to keeping us informed about the telecom world, but now he's recovering from a stroke and needs your help.

Please consider donating the cost of a pizza. You'll be keeping your doctor happy, your mate will smile, you'll build up some good Karma, and Pat will have the money he badly needs.

If you'd like to use PayPal, please send a donation to snipped-for-privacy@telecom-digest.org. If you prefer to send a check, please address your letter to:

Patrick Townson

611 East Poplar Independence KS 67301

Pat would always like to hear from the readers, whether or not you contribute. His cell phone number is 620-505-0107.

Thanks for thinking about it.


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Bill Horne
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I'll thank those who have contributed to Pat: he appreciates your generosity and so do I. Please hit "delete" now: this post is for others.


America is a generous country, and we're a generous people. We give billions of dollars to developing nations, to political allies, and to religious and other charitable organizations. Pat Townson deserves support as much as many others we give to.

Come on: break your heart! Skip the second beer at lunch today and put a fiver in an envelope and send it to Pat!


I already sent Pat what I could afford this month, just so you know I'm not looking to you to do something I wouldn't. Thanks for considering it.


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Bill Horne

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