Phone Shown in 'Capote' / RJ Connector History

In the movie Capote I just saw the actor is shown using a phone with a RJ connector. The time period would have been 1966 or before.

I hate sloppy history in movie props. Were RJ connectors in use in 66?

This could be the worst film/phone mistake since a movie (sorry I forgot the name) that showed an actor using a Pacific Bell pay phone in New York City some years back.

D [TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: They were in use beginning sometime in the early to middle 1960's, but they were not the little plastic things which plug in and snap out like today. They were four-prong metal things with a plastic cover; they more closely resembled wall outlets for electrical cords. My private phone line at Windermere Hotel in 1963-64 (HYDe Park 3714)had one, although the 'house' phone (off of the Windermere switchboard) was hard wired. When I eventually got a new 'two line phone' (turn button to select desired line, either private line or switchboard) to go in my bedroom, that one also had an RJ connector, I think either 1965 or 1966.) PAT]
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