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Some time ago (in Telecom Digest?) I saw reference to 924 prefix at Liberty. I just looked up 620-924 and find that to be LINCOLNVILLE. (using 2004 data)

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: For those who do not know, Liberty, KS is a _tiny_ little 'wide spot' in the road southeast of Independence, population about a hundred souls, a Methodist Church, the obligatory road house and a gasoline station. Dobson Cellular One also has its antennas there. 620-924 _does_ ring in there but only as DID-type lines for some of the cell phones based out of there. I think 620-485 picks up the rest of Liberty. 620-924 is or was a lot like 620-870 which was a sort of 'local area toll free' exchange. Cingular Wireless had a bunch of customers on 620-870 (including my own cell phone at one time) then one day Cingular Wireless sent me a note saying 'our agreement with SBC is no longer in effect; to keep your present number you will need to pay extra; otherwise we are going to put your cell phone on 620-330, an Independence number.' I have not seen any Alltel or United States Cellular phones on 620-924 for a long time now. I think SBC took that away from those carriers also. PAT]
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