Phone number helped track terror suspect [telecom]

The New York Times reported how a telephone number helped track and identify the suspect in the Times Square attempted bombing.

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Isn't it great how the NY Times tells future bombers how not to get caught next time. What's with that anyway. Why are key details made available so they can be published?

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I don't think the NYT did anything wrong here. The guy gave his phone number to a government agency and then 3 months later used it to call people in Pakistan. Anybody with half a clue should have been able to figure out that wasn't such a smart idea. Heck, shows and movies like "24" and "The Bourne XXX" show you more about how to avoid detection than the NYT published.

Mythbusters recently had a show where they demostrated what it takes to blow up a propane tank (a lot, actually). They were trying to see if they could turn the tank into a rocket (no), but the show could serve as a lesson on how to make one go boom. Should we censor them, too?


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When I was at university, the student newspaper published a method that student library employees were using to steal library books. Quite frankly, the method was somewhat obvious if anything thought about it and didn't require that one be a library employee. I was rather annoyed each time I couldn't find certain books in the stacks that I needed for papers and wondered if they were stolen based on the method described in the student paper.

I don't think newspapers and books turn people into criminals, but yes, I do think that those who are so inclined may learn from what they read. No, that doesn't make newspaper publishers and authors accomplises.

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