Nurses Say Pagers Must Go; Hospitals Drag Feet [telecom]

Nurses and other healthcare workers who communicate vital patient information say they need an alternative to outdated pagers and insecure smartphones.

by Alison Diana

At most hospitals, nurses are still required to communicate with colleagues and doctors via Voice over IP (VoIP) or pagers. But many nurses, who tend to be constantly on the go, are increasingly ignoring policy and are texting from their smartphones instead. This approach carries risks: Not only are the phones insecure, but they could also introduce germs into sterile environments.

Pagers may be less risky, but they aren't efficient. They cost US hospitals $8.3 billion in 2013, according to a report by the Ponemon Institute: $3.2 billion through time-consuming discharge processes and another $5.1 billion while clinicians waited for patient information (an average of 46 per minutes per day).

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Bill Horne
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In the hospital nearest me, they carry what amount to Star Trek communicators around their necks. These are connected to a central system that does voice recognition, and routes the communication appropriately--all hands off, all voice, and completely internal to the organization.

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