COVID-19: Hospitals And Health Care Providers Included In New TCPA Guidance [telecom]

COVID-19: Hospitals And Health Care Providers Included In New Guidance
On The Emergency Purpose Exception To The Telephone Consumer
Protection Act (TCPA)
by Chanley Howell , Jennifer J. Hennessy , Thomas E. Chisena and Chloe Talbert
The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has issued a Declaratory
Ruling providing guidance (Guidance) on the implementation of the
Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 (TCPA) as COVID-19 continues
to necessitate wider communications to inform the public and keep
people connected. This Guidance confirms that COVID-19 qualifies as an
"emergency" under the TCPA, making certain communications relating to
and necessitated by the pandemic lawful under the "emergency
exception" to the TCPA if certain caller and content requirements are
satisfied. This article reviews the effect of this new Guidance and
outlines guidelines to navigate compliance according to this
clarification by the FCC.
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