Verizon could soon regret its Net neutrality lawsuit [telecom]

When faced with possible 'hybrid' approach to Net neutrality, Verizon looks back with fondness on the rules its own lawsuit overturned

Infoworld November 7 2014 by Caroline Craig

It looks very much like Verizon blinked in the game of chicken over Net neutrality. Amid rumors that FCC head Tom Wheeler is leaning toward a "hybrid" approach to regulation, Verizon this week pled the case for the FCC sticking to Net neutrality rules based on Section 706 of the Telecommunications Act -- the same act Verizon sued the agency for using in 2011.

In the lawsuit that overturned the FCC's 2010 Open Internet Order, Verizon argued that the agency didn't have authority under Section 706 to regulate for Net neutrality. While it may have seemed like a victory when a federal appeals court in January struck down the restrictions on discriminating against content over fixed broadband connections, that win could end up backfiring on the telecom industry.

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