Major outage in West Glacier, Montana [telecom]

The entire phone system is out of service in West Glacier, Montana. The grocery store, restaurants, the Post Office and my phone are all out of order, and everyone is saying "fiber cut".

I don't have dialtone, so that means we're on a remote and the umbilical was cut: I don't remember which remotes have some "local" dialtone capability, but this isn't one of them. No 911, no nothing.

Someone, please tell me what the criteria are for a "Major" outage that must be reported to the FCC. Does anyone know where I can check? How long before Centurylink has to declare it?


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Bill Horne
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Local copper loop, cable, satellite, cellular, Clear, Vonage and the like, ... *everything* ?

So your post to c.d.t. came in through FidoNet over s/w Ham Radio :-) ?

Anyway, kudos for getting through, however you did it! Cheers, -- tlvp

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47 CFR Part 4 is where the rules are. The criteria for reporting depend on the technology. For wireline outages, reporting is required within 120 minutes of an outage of at least 30 minutes that potentially affects at least 900k user minutes, affects at least 1350 DS3 minutes, potentially affects any special offices and facilities, or potentially affects a 911 special facility. 47 CFR 4.9(f).

No, you can't check. Reports are confidential.

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Michael D. Sullivan

Everything /I/ consider to be "phone system". When I say "out", I mean "not functioning". If I can't get a dialtone, it really doesn't matter what parts are broken, does it?

No, it was posted via my packet radio gateway,, and passed onto the Internet at a ham radio station in Columbia Falls, Montana.

I've never used FidoNet, but IIRC, FidoNet depends on modem links for communication, so it wouldn't have worked anyway.

Glad I could help.


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