Life Imitates TV Commercial [telecom]

This morning, someone took a chain saw to a utility pole, reminiscent of a T-Mobile ad discussed here a while ago:

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Looking at that corner on Google Maps - Street View, three of the four utility poles are only a few inches in from the pavement. Looks like Maple Street was widened sometime in the past and the poles were never moved. Odds are that the replacement pole will not be any further away from the street, judging by the high-tension line running on the east side.

Telecom significance: The _only_ pole with a (small) telco cable on it is the one furthest from the street, so I doubt that anyone with a telecom-related grudge did this...

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I kind of doubt that someone stupid enough to take a chain saw to a utility pole is able to tell telephone wires apart from electric wires.

Bill Horne

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