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article mentions ISDN boxes outside of the house in the US.

I am from Germany and I don't know about them. Here ISDN terminators (called NTBA) are mounted inside. They had the 2-wire Uk0 Bus at the carriers side and the S0 bus on the customers side and were connected to the TAE telephone socket, so no technician needed to come home when ISDN was ordered.

What are exactly these ISDN boxes referred in the article? What came out at the customers side? An S0 bus or something else?

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Marco Moock
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I'm not quite sure. Most telco's have their newer plastic demarc box on the outside of the home here. I've still seen older homes with the

2-wire solid core non-twisted pair (looks like a lamp cord) going inside to the old ceramic fused demarc, which is grounded to the cold water line, and mounted to a wooden stud in the cellar ceiling.

I coerced the AT&T tech to put the new plastic demarc box for the phone and ADSL into the cellar of my home, instead of drilling an unsightly plastic box into the exterior brick of my home. They put a new twisted drop line in, and I replaced the interior wiring, with a whole-home ADSL filter. Lucky for me, I have a clear phone line in all weather.

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Michael Trew

Honestly, I don't recognize those boxes either, and I was very deeply involved in US ISDN.

In the US, the BRI handoff was at the U interface, not S/T, and the S/T bus was almost never used, except perhaps in some office Centrex arrangements. In most cases there was no physical NT1 either; the CPE typically just implemented the US 2B1Q format U interface.

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