If you work at Google, please get in touch with me [nfp]

If you work at Google, I need your help. I've been helping the Big 8 Board to regain access to its Google G Suite Legacy Free account, but on Thursday, I accidentally deleted it.

Yes, me, your esteemed professional moderator and all around Usenet guy. I'm guilty. I had taken out a "free trial" of Google G Suite for my Quaker meeting, and it was about to end, so I deleted what I thought was the account for my Quaker meeting. I deleted the wrong account.

If you have, or know someone who has, the ability to restore the Big 8 Board's Google G Suite Legacy Free account, please help me to fix my mistake. I can be reached via the Google Voice phone number

339-DOGTITS, or via the email address snipped-for-privacy@telecomdigest.net.

I'll be forever grateful. I will give you as much, or as little, credit and praise as you desire.

In fact, I'll kiss your feet in Macy's window, and give you a week to draw a crowd.


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