Hey, Check Out My New Phone! It Does Nothing.

Hey, Check Out My New Phone! It Does Nothing.

By Ryan Knutson

The crowd gasped with oohs and aahs when Chris Sheldon pulled his company's new gadget from a silky black bag in front of hundreds of techies.

"We are very proud to introduce the least-advanced NoPhone ever," he said at a technology conference in Canada this month. The NoPhone is a plastic rectangle that looks like a smartphone but does absolutely nothing. More than 10,000 have been sold in the past two years for about $10 each.

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Here's a smart phone I can support: it leverages the man/machine interface to achieve levels of insight, intelligence, and perspective which were previously unobtainium in the ranks of young, gadget-grasping graduates.

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So how many existing laws outlaw use of the NoPhone while driving? "Use" might include showing it off to a girl in order to get laid, using it to smash flies buzzing around annoying the driver, or just holding it because the driver is so used to holding a smartphone that he's not comfortable driving without it?

Does it even matter that the NoPhone does nothing? Some cop that sees it in your hand while you are driving might not think so, and the law in some towns / cities / states might back him up.

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