How does Zonealarm check outgoing packets?

How does Zonealarm for Windows check outgoing packets to ask if you want to allow a specific _program_ to access the web?

How does it warn that a program is asking for server rights?

I'd like to see if these features could be incorporated into a unix/linux netfilter firewall but first want to understand how it's done.

I'm hoping that some on the list have an idea of how the internals work.


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Larry Alkoff
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ZA or similar programs are no good examples for firewalls. Netfilter is a packet-filter, and quite a good one, nothing more, nothing less. If you don't want a particular software to communicate via the network, deny execution of the software. Reading the manpage of chmod should offer help. If you are uncertain whether you can trust a Linux application, read the source code of it. Apart from that a packet filter acting as a separate device never can have even the slightest clue which application on another machine has created a certain packet.

The mechanisms of comminication between applications (and kernel) in Windows and Linux are totally different.

Windows internals are irrelevant in a Linux environment.


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