Future of traditional landline telephone service? [telecom]

Would anyone be familiar with what is coming for traditional landline telephone service?

From what I read in the newspaper, it seems the carriers want to dump

it altogether. It does seem that there are fewer and fewer subscribers; I know a number of people who have dumped Verizon for a Comcast cable-based phone, or just using their cellphone. Whole condo complexes have been unplugged.

It's not just young people, but older people as well.

Personally, I like the comfort, speech clarity, and reliability of my landline. But it seems now I'm a rarity with that feeling.

Along these lines, what is the future of Verizon's FIOS? On the one hand, they seem to advertise for it, but on the other hand a lot of places do not have it and Vz seems in no hurry to provide it.

Likewise, do other landline carriers offer a similar service?


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