Frontier To Subscriber: You Were NOT In Florida [telecom]

By Kevin Hunt - The Hartford Courant

Jim Weber and his significant other spent the past winter in Florida, as they do every year, but Frontier Communications apparently didn't believe it.

Weber had signed up for Frontier's Stay Connected seasonal service, $9.99 a month for customers who spend the winter elsewhere but wish to maintain their existing service. Weber called Frontier a week before returning from Florida, as instructed, to resume normal service. Yet a $230.56 cable bill awaited in Unionville, not the anticipated $68.38 seasonal rate.

Weber, 76, says he called Frontier half a dozen times before being promised a credit. Then, a couple days later, Frontier told him the credit was denied because the company found evidence that he had used the company's Internet service. Was he really in Florida or was he sitting at home ordering flying-saucer sleds and winter chai from Amazon while collecting a reduced-rate bundle from Frontier?

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Bill Horne
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Or perhaps he has at least one network connected device at home permanently "leaking" data?

I have numerous devices constantly generating Internet traffic whether I am home or not.

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