FAX Adapters: How does a VoIP FAX Analog Telephone Adapter work? [telecom]

The VoIP ATA for FAX is a powerful, cost-effective solution for customers who need to securely send and receive faxes using a traditional, analog fax machine�often needed for legal and privacy compliance such as HIPPA or FERPA.

The term "fax" is shorthand for the more technical word, facsimile, for the document transmission technology. The advent of ALL-IP fax solutions today, can reduce costs and streamline business communications. Many businesses have been able to replace their old-fashioned fax machines with paperless, all-electronic fax operations. However, lots of organizations must meet certain industry compliance stipulations, legal requirements, and other regulations that still demand the use of traditional paper fax machines. For such enterprises, although they need to keep the fax machine, they may not be able to use traditional analog phone line anymore. That's where the VoIP adapter comes to the rescue.

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