Cost of POTS w/o Long Distance


I recently switched to VOIP but kept my old POTS line for back-up.

I use the VOIP for all my LD calls. Am I correct that even though I'm not using my 3rd party LD provider that I had with my POTS service that I'm still paying some form of a month connection fee to the POTS provider?

Any idea what the fee is called.

Thanks for any advice.


[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: What does the monthly bill from your local telco say about it? If you are getting some sort of monthly recurring minimum charge, then that third-party LD carrier _is_ charging you. But there are many who do not charge unless you actually use them. Now, there is a 'network connection fee' your local telco charges, or a 'universal access fee' but those things are purely your local telco gouging you, under cover of the law, for extra fees. If you go a month or two and do not see any sort of 'minimum use charge' on your long distance bill then I guess they are not charging anything. PAT]
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