Centurylink DSL speed upgrade rate supposed to be "forever" - but.... [telecom]

I'm currently on Centurylink DSL, the bargain-basement 19.95/mo (768kbs) plan originally with Embarq and they were bought by Centurylink. The deal was the rate is supposed to be good forever as long as you keep the plan.

They had a double your speed for $5 more offer which I didn't go for at the time but checking with Centurylink they have the same deal. Again, supposed to be good as long as you don't change your plan or service.

The thing is, when I asked where I can see this in writing, I was advised by the rep that it's not available in writing. Hmmm..... Granted it's not major bucks we're talking about but obviously not exactly the classic notion of a smart move when entering a contract.

Anyone have long term experience with Centurylink as far as them being good on their word? My basic default position is to not trust giant faceless corporations as far as I can throw them. The service has been generally problem free other than occasional outages and once finding a "mystery" phone number that I've never heard of or called on my bill which they credited me for without too much hassle. However, introducing a change seems to be where problems can occur.

Thoughts? Experiences?


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I have no experience with either company but I've found that things like this get settled real quick if you can interest an investigative reporter at a local newspaper or TV station.

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