Re: Sprint Adds Some Flexibility to Service Contracts

NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Sprint Nextel Corp. (S.N) said on Tuesday it

> would let customers change rate plans over the first six months of a > contract without having to sign a new one, as the No. 3 > U.S. wireless service provider looks to attract new customers and > keep existing ones.

And I say to that "Big deal!" T-Mobile has had for *years* that if you change to any non-promotional plan (e.g. a temporarily available plan like the present $39.99/month with 1,000 anytime minutes and unlimited nights and weekends is considered promotional) they will expect you to go into a contract if you are in another plan. If you choose any other plan that is not promotional you are not required to either enter a new contract or extend your current contract.

As for contracts I think they are a really bogus way of companies holding on to subscribers. You may notice that lengthier contracts came into being after wireless number portability came about. I believe it's no coincidence that this happened. Companies have no impetus to be excellent and provide good service if you are locked into their service with the penalty that if you wish to leave you must pay $175 - $200. There are very few other services provided where they bind you to an agreement even if the service is abysmal.

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