CenturyLink Class Action - What Are The Allegations? [telecom]

(The website quoted is copyrighted by Zimmerman Reed LLP, Plaintiffs' Interim Co-Lead and Liaison Counsel)

Numerous CenturyLink customers across the United States, as well as state attorneys general, have alleged that CenturyLink engaged in various unfair or fraudulent business practices, including agreeing to one price and then charging higher prices later, signing customers up for services and accounts they did not request, and failing to properly change or credit accounts when customers bring these issues to CenturyLink's attention. Former CenturyLink employees have confirmed these allegations in court filings, noting that CenturyLink's sales and customer service personnel were subjected to aggressive internal performance and incentive programs to boost profits. CenturyLink customers have alleged they paid for those practices, which resulted in heavy overcharge fees when customers tried to challenge the charges or terminate their accounts.

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