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I just received a letter in the mail telling me that due to changes in their billing system, Credo will no longer be able to provide calling card services past Dec 31. I find the calling card very useful and use it a lot, but in bursts.

Does anyone have any suggestions for other providers for calling cards? I find purchasing prepaid phone cards at the corner bodega is not worth the trouble since they often go out of date before I use them. I'll make a lot of calls when I'm on travel but it can sometimes be three or even six months between trips.


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Scott Dorsey
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Per Scott Dorsey:

Until I switched to VOIP, I was using these guys:

A couple of advantages: They charged fractional minutes instead of rounding up to the nearest minute and did not charge for unanswered calls.

Big disadvantages: Their page is in simplified Mandarin. I had somebody who could deal with it for me, so I don't know if they offer an English-language page. But their service/prices were good enough that I'd give them a call to see if they do have an English-language page.

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Pete Cresswell

Have you looked at or tried One Suite ?

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I've used them for the last 8 years for just what you describe. I've left as little as $2.00 on the account for over a year. You do have to use or recharge at least once per *year*. They will send a reminder e-mail warning if not used.

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I have a Globetrotter prepaid card that I got here:

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They say it expires if not used for 10 months, but I think I've gone longer.

Domestic rate is 2.7cpm for 800 access, 1.7cpm via a vast array of local numbers. They have access numbers in a lot of countries and reasonable international rates.

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John Levine

I could not find the one I bought. This is the closest currently available:

AT&T 1000-Minutes US & International Rechargeable PrePaid Phone Card Model#: 0060769805272 (32) No more surprises on your phone bill. Less than $0.06 for 1000 Minutes of U.S. state-to state calling. International rates are higher. In-state rates may be higher read Terms and Conditions below

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Mark Smith

I bought an ATT 100-minute card at Walmart about 5 years ago. It's still works. Never tried to recharge it...just didn't use it very much.

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