AT&T iPhone customers: go grab your free 1000 minutes [telecom]

AT&T iPhone customers: go grab your free 1000 minutes

by Erica Sadun Feb 11 2011

Loyal AT&T iPhone customer? AT&T wants to say thank you to iPhone owners by sending you 1000 free rollover minutes. All you have to do is text.


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Monty Solomon
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My text messages are charged at 20 cents each. I have never originated a text message. Most of my incoming text messages are the monthly message from AT&T (marked "Free") acknowleding payment of my bill. They simply clutter up in box since payment shows up on my credit card website immediately if I want to know. Occasionally I have to pay 20 cents for a text message that in most cases was just a wrondg number.

I have never run over my alloted minutes for phone calls.

Wes Leatherock

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