Apple Helps Devices Get Their Heads in the Cloud [telecom]

Apple Helps Devices Get Their Heads in the Cloud

by Katherine Boehret October 11, 2011

Apple devices can be addictive: People buy one tiny iPod, fall in love, and end up with three or four other Apple products. Now if only they could see all their data on all those devices simultaneously.

Starting today, they can.

ICloud is designed to store and replicate documents, music, apps and

1,000 photos on PCs, the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It also syncs contacts, calendars and email so all your machines and devices have the same data and content. It will back up five gigabytes of data, but certain types aren't counted against that total. The best part: It's free.

I've been testing iCloud's sync ability between a MacBook Pro, iPhone

4S and iPad 3G. I also accessed and added content using At first, I ran into a few hiccups with syncing photos, but an Apple spokesman explained that the company's servers were occasionally down while they were being prepared for Wednesday's iCloud launch. After that, iCloud worked without a hitch-well enough that I stopped thinking about which device held what since they were all updated with the same content.


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