The Seven Minute Morning Prep [telecom]

John Brandon has come up with a way to cut the leash for a moment at the start of our day. I recommend that you read The second point several times:

Minute one: Clear your head

I won't get into any religious issues or get preachy here, and I'm not even encouraging meditation, but every person on the planet who has to work for a living needs to follow this basic routine. You have to clear your head. That phone you use to check your messages constantly or that iPad that's stuck to your hip? Get rid of them. They are not part of this morning routine. Clearing your head just means being present as you prepare for the day.

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Bill Horne
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*puts on old-man suspenders*

I tried to read that here on the bus, but the text kept moving around as various ads loaded and the page was reflowed. I don't mind paying data freight for the ads nearly as much as not being able to read the page for a full two minutes while all the ad networks have their go at it.

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