Am I Calling it Quits? Well Some Day Soon, I Think.


I have been around since your life-changing event on Black Thursday, and I want to express that you have been more of a public servant than the ones that I elect.

My advice: "be strong."

Bob Weller

From Patrick Townsend, Wed, 22 Feb 2006 21:00:00

Earlier today, Wednesday, I had a very bad incident. During the night, > I was up and down a few times, feeling absolutely awful with chest > pains, much shortness of breath and much coughing and gagging. When my > 'keepers' came around this morning and saw how absolutely awful I > looked and sounded, they insisted I had to go to the hospital ASAP. So > I was taken to Mercy Hospital here in Independence, where a decision > was reached that (whatever else is wrong with me) I have a very bad > case of bronchitis and my lungs are not in good shape. I was put on > 'breathing treatments' with oxygen and ambuterol (?) I have to smoke a > pipe with some liquid pumped into it and an oxygen combination hooked > to a compressor. As if I do not have enough pains in the ass! I had > sincerely hoped to continue my role here as editor _at least_ through > sometime in August, and I will continue as best I am able. But, if you > do not see me around for a few days at a time then it either means I > am back in the hospital again, or else I totally croaked. I hope to > be able to give you a few days notice before the latter, at > least. Those of you who remember me prior to Black Thursday, in > November, 1999 (the aneuyrsm day) will recall I have been continually > dizzy since that time, and am due for a new brain shunt anyway, but > I am not sure if it is worth the time and money for a trip all the way > up to Topeka (or down to Tulsa) -- the nearest brain surgeons -- to > have it done. Anyway, that's where things are at here; I'll try to > stay in touch as much as I can. I am back home from the hospital, > where I was at all day Wednesday. PAT]
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Bob Weller
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