A Second Area Code for Saskatchewan, Maybe as Early as 2014 [telecom]

Two recent news articles:

One from Thursday 06-January-2011 from CBC News:

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Another from Friday 07-January-2011 from CKOM-650am News/Talk Radio in Regina SK:
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regarding a second area code for Saskatchewan, maybe as early as 2014.

Glenn Pilley of the CNA (Canadian Numbering Administration) is quoted in both articles. He states the two options, split and overlay.

The CNA will begin their 306/SK area code relief planning process starting in February 2011. At this time, there is nothing at the CNA website, not even as a "placeholder" regarding documentation for area code relief planning for SK 306. But when the link is established it will likely be:

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follows the structure for other Canadian area codes' relief planning webpage URLs. Presently, this URL goes to a "File Not Found" (404) page.

Canada hasn't had an area code split since Alberta's single area code since October 1947, split in 1999, with 403 being retained by the southern third of the Province (includes Calgary AB), and the central and northern thirds of the Province splitting-and-changing to 780 (includes the Province capital of Edmonton in the central third). Everything in Canada since that 1999 Alberta area code split has been OVERLAYS -- three overlays in 2001, two overlays in 2006, two overlays in 2008 (as well as an overlay expansion), and so forth. In 2008, the ENTIRE Province of Alberta, both 403 and 780, was overlaid with the new 587 area code. The overlay expansion in 2008 was for the entire Province of British Columbia -- in 1996, 604 split, with the Vancouver BC expanded metro area keeping 604, and the rest of the Province splitting- and-changing to the new 250 area code -- in 2001, 778 overlaid the immediate Vancouver BC metro area -- and in 2008, 778 expanded to overlay the rest of 604 AND also ALL of 250 for the all of the rest of the Province.

Next year, 2012, the ENTIRE Province of Manitoba 204 will be overlaid with 431.

I expect that ALL of the Province of Saskatchewan 306 will be overlaid. The guessed-at code for the overlay is 474, but that hasn't yet been officially announced, though.

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