2 Industries That Are Even More Despised Than Airlines [telecom]

If you were asked to name the first thing that comes to mind when you think about the airline industry, chances are it wouldn't be something pleasant. While airlines get us from Point A to B faster than any other mode of transportation, it's more like a necessary evil. Most of us don't dwell on the magic and convenience of modern air travel. It's the long security lines, cramped quarters once on the plane, and the occasional flight delay or cancellation that crowd our memories.

Yet, peruse the 43 different industries that the American Consumer Satisfaction Index ranked in 2014 and you'll discover that the airline industry is only the third least-liked of all. In fact, customer satisfaction with the airline sector is tied for its highest score in 16 years, likely a result of the shock and awe of optional pricing fees wearing off.

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Well, I'm not really surprised that "subscription television" (i.e. cable TV and satellite TV companies, aka MVPDs) came in one notch below airlines. As I explained in my comment following the fool.com article, MVPDs are caught in the middle. On the one hand, the broadcasters demand ever-higher retransmission-consent fees at every contract renewal. On the other hand, consumers are justifiably upset by the ever-increasing retail prices for MVPD service.

Apparently the fools at fool.com either don't understand this or they're keeping it a secret.

Fool.com claims that it knows about three companies who will dominate the consumer television market in the future, but it doesn't identify them. It states that they're not Netflix, Google, or Apple, and I assume they won't be TWC, Comcast or Charter.

Fool led me to believe that they would reveal the Three Big Secrets if I watched their video. So I sat through the whole tedious thing while one of their engineers reiterated all of his complaints about cable TV and satellite TV (but, of course, never mentioning rising wholesale prices). At the end of it all, he still didn't reveal the Three Bid Secrets; he then stated that I'd have do something else. I never found out what the "something else" was because at the point I clicked out. So I still don't know who the Three Big Secret companies are.

I'd be interested in knowing who those companies are and how they plan to dominate the entire television industry in the future.

Neal McLain aka TexasCableGuy

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