15 years jail time for texting while driving in Utah [Telecom]

Now we're seeing some reasonable laws -- Utah is characterizing texting-while-driving the same as DUI.

Long full story here:

Hopefully both New York's and Utah's new laws will spread like wildfire to other states and countries.

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Thad Floryan
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Just try to get the legislators to give up their cell phones while they are driving, though, and you will get nowhere. No, it is not as dangerous as texting - but you are, by current figures, more likely to have an injury-causing collision while on the phone then you are if you are drunk. And no, hands free devices are not the answer. Holding the phone isn't what makes you a bad driver: it's dividing your attention away from the driving task that does it.

-- Tom Horne

No we aren't no thin blue heroes but we aren't no blackguards to. We're just working men and women most remarkable like you.

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Tom Horne

I won't name him, but a casual Google search should turn up his name.

I personally know our former state representative. I was driving beside him along Parmer Lane in Austin. One, he was speeding. I caught him at the red lights. Two, he was texting on his iPhone. I say texting because he was hitting the screen too much for it just to be email or web browsing. Which brings up to another point. Is checking email and browsing still legal in California? The law just cites cell phone use and texting if I'm not mistaken.

He was arrested last year for DWI, breaking a law he co-authored. He refused the breathalyzer so he was arrested and lost his license for

180 days. At his trial it was his word against the trooper's and since there was no hard evidence he was drunk the charges were dropped. Nice.


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