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Hi People, I have a new customer that has a British Gas cordless alarm system installed in her home. B.G will not answer the phone to her, and the alarm has stopped working after a thunder storm 2 months ago. I have found the key pad to be frozen and the fault light to be on.I don't want to take the cover of the panel, incase it goes into alarm.. Has anyone got any idea of 1 the make of this system, 2 a engineers code for it.


Micky Savage. Modern Security Systems. Leeds.

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Sandy Savage
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BG used DSC panels, like the Envoy or Power panels

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Rip it out and Install a Proper system. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thanks Fellas, Nige I knew you were going to say that. The only trouble is she does'nt want to spend the money on a new system.

Typical, eh.



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